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Powder Monkeys

staffpicSmashed On A Knee 

Free Form Patterns

One of the best ever Australian, Smashed On A Knee by Melbourne powerhouse combo, Powder Monkeys, has finally been reissued some 20 years after it was originally released on Dog Meat Records.

Those who bought the album back then and were disappointed with the way it sounds have lots of reason to buy it again – the new, Mikey Young-mastered version sounds truly superior to the original and comes with bonus tracks and great package, both on vinyl and CD.

Powder Monkeys took the best of ‘70s Aussie rock’n’roll and injected it with a healthy dose of Black Sabbath, Motorhead and even some free jazz (just listen to those guitar licks), but they made it their own sound. They were young, loud and snotty and were not afraid to tell it like it is.

There are no pop sensibilities on this record, nothing beautiful. It’s dirty, raw and in your face without being offensive in any way. Smashed On A Knee is to the ‘90s what (I’m) Stranded or X–Aspirations were for the ‘70s – an album that defines an era, or in this case a time and place where it was made.



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