Potato Stars


Perth supergroup Potato Stars are back to launch their Feedback Stoner Concerto EP at Ya Ya’s this Thursday, June 26, with support from D’ix and Like Junk. BOB GORDON checks in with frontman, Brian Dunne.

Brian Dunne, aka The Artist Formerly Known As Prozac Boy (although maybe he still is, somewhere in the world) has for many years honchoed the Potato Stars, a re-appearing animal, and evolving beast of a band. 

“Potato Stars is indeed a beast,” he notes, “one which can evolve from minute to minute, like some sort of mutant amoeba.

“There have been 79 members up until this minute, but that number may well have increased by showtime. This line-up will pretty much rock out with certain parts of our anatomy out, as it features, ahem, members of Beaverloop and Beasts Of Bourbon, as well as other strays.”
For the last decade or so, Dunne has been working throughout Asia as a teacher. While that might seem limiting for a supposedly Perth-based band, he maintains that it has only flavoured the experience.

“Oh, that’s been the best thing of all about this band,” he says. “I’ve had the good fortune to play and record all over Asia, So far we’ve recorded in South Korea, Thailand, Laos and Myanmar, and toured through several other countries along the way.

“There has been chaos and craziness in Cambodia, secret underground gigs in Myanmar and we played at a festival a few years ago in Indonesia that turned into a riot, though PotStars can’t take all the credit for that. A couple of thousand punks crashed down the fences of the field and ran amuck. And by amuck, I might add that the word is one of the few Indonesian words in the English language, so they know how to do amuck.”

Potato Stars return to the stage this week to launch Feedback Stoner Concerto, which was actually first released 10 years ago this week, but was never properly promoted. The EP features the single, Be Kind To The Animals, as well as a cover of Supernaut’s 1977 hit, I Like It Both Ways.
Be Kind is by far the best song we’ve ever done,” Dunne says. “I can say that without fear of sounding like a dick as I had very little to do with the song myself. It was written, and is sung, by our foxy former guitarist, Evil E. In my not-so-humble opinion it is hands down one of the greatest rock songs ever in the history of ever.
I Like It Both Ways was the first song by a West Australian band to reach number one in Australia. It was always a crowd favourite when we played it in the past, but I’m not sure if that was because of my pink netball skirt, or if it’s just such a sexy tune.”
Potato Stars will record Thursday’s nights launch for possible release, with more international chapter also afoot.

“If that launch recording turns out okay I’ll inflict it on the unsuspecting public in the not too distant future,” Dunne says. “We’ve got a split CD with a band called – I shit you not – Monkey Motherfucker & The Bagan Tigers, coming out on an Italian label soon. I’m also busy putting together an Indonesian chapter of the Spuds to gig and record in Medan, Sumatra, where I now live.

“So I can safely say, much to the chagrin of music lovers worldwide, that there’s no end in sight for Potato Stars anytime soon.”


Potato Stars