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PORTUGAL. THE MAN Feel It Still gets 9/10

Portugal. The Man
Feel It Still


Alaskan indie rockers Portugal. The Man have been quiet for a few years, but their catchy single Feel It Still is forecasting it’s all been worth the wait.

They were admirably busy coming out with albums since their debut in 2006, yet now there has been four years since Evil Friends. They did start working on a new album (Gloomin + Doomin) in 2014, only to ditch it, unfinished.

The group of five has now returned to the studio and the new album Woodstock will be available June 16 and based on the first tastes, it is going to be funky. The groovy beats of Feel It Still might first suggest Austin Powers with some hip-swinging, but the deceptively simple lyrics have a lot more to them than just a string of words.

Behind its light tune, Feel It Still has a deeper, political meaning, which the band has said to be a theme for the upcoming album. The bridge of the song asks “Is it coming?” and in this world, something is coming. Portugal. The Man is known for their talents at producing brilliant visual content as well, and the accompanying music video, with a message to support the #resistance movement is nothing less than we’d expected.

This is something that the music world needs – not just nonsense songs with messages to serve only commercial purposes. Portugal. The Man proves that even an ear-wormy song can bear a meaning in it. After all, bigger changes can start from just one rebellious act.


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