Popdining IMPACT
Popdining IMPACT

POPdining IMPACT is a new venture set up to connect young, upcoming entrepreneurs with our local leaders in business, through an innovative dinner event, The Entrepreneurial Dining Table. We talk to organiser Ai-Mei Nguyen about what we can expect at this Saturday’s dinner.

What is POPdining IMPACT?
POPdining IMPACT connects ideas, people and opportunities through the format of communal dining to provide information and inspiration to motivate aspiring individuals to reach their potential, to feel like managing a business they love is achievable, and to keep going until they make it happen.

Tell us about The Entrepreneurial Dining Table.
Our dinner conversation attracts driven individuals who want to pursue a meaningful life and make a living from their passions. The Entrepreneurial Dining Table is an opportunity for guests and other businesses attending to share brilliant ideas and more importantly enjoy a night of incredible conversations.

Many young would-be business people can’t access business development and entrepreneurial programs unless they are enrolled in tertiary programs, often with an affiliated university. After doing plenty of research, we ​quickly realised entrepreneurship courses aren’t really offered directly here in Perth, nor is there a strong support network.

POPdining IMPACT intends to fill that gap – by offering dinners that will connect creative, innovative and passionate young people with organisations, opportunities and individuals capable of helping turn their business ideas into reality.

Why did you create this event?
We love surrounding ourselves with passionate people – it’s contagious and inspiring! We’ve shaped our business to associate only with positive and passionate, food-loving people for as long as we live.​

We are genuinely committed to bringing together motivated individuals by connecting them with industry experts through the format of communal dining, where guests will have the privilege to sit down and learn, absorb and pick the brains of our their role models.

 Is this your first event you’ve had through POP​Dining IMPACT?
Yes, the dinner event will be the introduction of POPdining IMPACT to give individuals, local businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs greater insight into the business and our mission.

What can people expect on the night?
Our vision is to create a night inviting local big thinking, creative and generous entrepreneurs to share back with the community their personal journeys and experiences to success to inspire, empower and provide guidance to the next generation of Perth Entrepreneurs.

The format of the night will be a three course dinner where our​ guest speakers will provide a brief 10 minute talk between meals, sharing their personal journey about how they started their business (obstacles encompassed, how they tackled challenges on the way).

The night is expected to go for three hours and aims to be a fun, enjoyable knowledge sharing night for all!


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