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POND @ Fremantle Prison gets 7.5/10

POND @ Fremantle Prison
w/ Body Type, Reef Prince, Koi Child DJs
Saturday, September 16, 2017


After travelling all around the world, POND returned home to celebrate their recent album The Weather and did so in style when they took over the grounds of Fremantle Prison. They bought along Koi Child DJsReef Prince and Body Type for a great show.

It almost felt like it was a mini festival, with a line of food trucks ready to serve up some delicious dinner, a bar, and a huge line up of bands. Starting from dusk and going well into the night, being in the crowd definitely had a festival vibe about it.

POND opened with 30000 Megatons, inducing a singalong from the crowd, and the singalongs only continued from there, with the band following up with Sweep Me Off My Feet, Elvis’ Flaming Star and Waiting Around For Grace. Nick Allbrook proved what a great front man he was with his cool dancing. He really captured the audience’s attention and held it there for the entire show.

Being held outside in the metropolitan area, the show was quieter than most, and this had a bit of an impact on the show. Big moments in songs did not seem so big, like the build in 30000 Megatons.

The band’s excellent lighting set up really made the show, with lights of all different colours sweeping over the band. Their background screen would also show trippy visuals, or just solid blocks of colour to match the lighting and this really tied the show together.

Jay Watson took over the mic from Allbrook for a fan favourite, Sitting Up On Our Crane. The crowd lapped it up and the song soared to new heights live.

Some highlights from the night were when the band bought out the horn section from Koi Child to join in. The horns sounded brilliant live and it really added that extra something to the songs. The guitar solos were also all played brilliantly and were so mesmerising, especially with the clean sound cutting over all the spacey synths.

Allbrook and co. made sure they played plenty of tracks from their recent album, including Paint Me Silver, which sounded excellent live, the synths at the start of the track getting everybody dancing, plus All I Want For Xmas (Is A Tascam 388) and Edge Of The World.

By the end of the show, there was plenty of people on other peoples shoulders, and some were even attempting to crowd surf. The band came back on stage only one minute after leaving for their encore, because the demand from the crowd was so strong. For their final song, they triumphantly launched into Man It Feels Like Space Again, and it was clear that POND were home.


Photos by Lost Without A Trace Photography



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