POM POKO My Blood gets 9/10

Pom Poko
My Blood
Bella Union


Norwegian four piece Pom Poko have created a frenetic and unhindered indie pop gem in new single My Blood. Despite the gory title, the song is a lighthearted, fast-paced and insatiable track that is absolutely impossible not to like.

Enigmatic lead singer Ragnhild Fangel’s vocals bring a good dose of quirkiness to the punky, and avant-pop sounds. With the screeching female vocals and balls-out approach, Pom Poko pull off their fringe pop brand with poise, helped along by frenzied, zany guitar tones, unrestricted timing, a swirling bridge and a punk laced shout-out-loud chorus.

Taken from Pom Poko’s debut album Birthday (out February 22), My Blood is a tongue in cheek exploration of, well – blood, but it’s also a celebration of the human body and it all does for us without us even knowing. Whilst original and wonderfully weird, it’s still full of nostalgia for 2000’s eclectic art pop (Peaches, Le Tigre) which makes it instantly likeable (for those old enough to remember, at least).

Most importantly, it sounds like the band are having huge amounts of fun with the music and with one another, and that chemistry and ease is palpable in My Blood and that is what sets it apart.