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POLISH CLUB Gimme Money gets 6/10

Polish Club
Gimme Money


In a track that might be the rock anthem for every 20-25 year old holding out on any job in retail/hospitality or even Centrelink, let this be the light that guides your soul.

From the latest outing for cheeky rock duo Polish Club, Gimme Money from latest EP Okie Dokie contains a more polished sound in comparison to their previous releases.

From a band whose riffs are usually grimy as a dirty service station toilet, Gimme Money feels bleached, with instrumentation and guitars feeling way more studio produced.

Still like any lovable rascal that is hard to hate, hard hitting drum rhythms and the cheeky vocals of David Novak still give the track that humorous, defiant backbone. The band hasn’t lost their heart just yet.

Its Polish Club, you’re guaranteed to have fun with just one listen after all. Sure, the initial investment into Gimme Money may not give any fiscal satisfaction, but the long-term, audible returns do.


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