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Come Party


Polish Cub’s new single Come Party, off their upcoming Alright Already album, is an upbeat, fun, soul-laden crowd-pleaser, sitting firmly in the pop-rock sphere. The song is an earworm which is sure to have the majority of existing fans dancing and singing along and is rollicking and affable enough to win the band new fans.

Come Party’s easy listening simplicity and catchy chorus, which repeats itself no less than 10 times, proclaiming “have fun later come party with me”, deem it very radio friendly. The soulful vocals of David Novak give it a unique edge, as does the rhythmic blues guitar work and the rudimentary, impactful drumming.

The production is high quality, featuring big, crisp, clean sounds. This quality is also coherent in the accompanying music video, directed by Leilani Croucher, which features a group of retro women playing and mouthing the song. The video boasts bold, fresh colours and excellent visual and directional work. Both the video and the song have a 50’s retro soul-rock vibe, which seems like an easy win for a nostalgic and likeable response.

The track, like the video, is a little quirky, but doesn’t meander too far left of field and stays in a pretty safe place, that being where the majority of people will really enjoy it and everyone else will tolerate it.  It’s music for the people.

Alright Already album is set for release on 31 March 2017.


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