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POLISH CLUB 5 things they’ve learned about Perth

To celebrate Polish Club’s Christmas In December tour hitting the Rosemount Hotel with West Thebarton and Stella Donnelly this Saturday, we got the lowdown from the Sydney two-piece on 5 Things They’ve Learned About Perth from previous tours! Check out their new EP Okie Dokie featuring the single Gimme Money out now.

1. I mean, we all know it’s far from Eastern Australia. We’re all sick of hearing it. Nevertheless, if you are flying across the country, try to book a flight on the biggest plane you can. Otherwise, you might end up on a Virgin Australia Fokker 100 from Adelaide to Perth, which literally doesn’t have enough fuel to battle the 200kph headwinds and has to stop in Kalgoorlie on the way. Not that Kalgoorlie isn’t a gorgeous town…

2. No we haven’t played in Fremantle before. No we didn’t book a show there this time. No I don’t know why not. Yes I’ve heard it’s incredible and I really would like to go.

3. Aggro blokes in Northbridge at 3am won’t fight you if you’ve got a moustache. “Nah mate you’re alright. Fucken SICK MOUSTACHE EH!” he says as he sizes up a group of foreigners across the road.

4. The people really do come out for a show there. And they come ready to get loose. Perth will always the be the first and hopefully last place I do a shoey. They love a bit of peer pressure.

5. The drive thru in the Northbridge Maccas has two full lanes, which is a first for me. That’s next level eating right there. Efficient service.

Okie Dokie EP is out now. Polish Club play the Rosemount Hotel this Saturday, December 16.

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