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Poh Ling Yeow
Poh Ling Yeow

With a new PappaRich location springing into existence at Westfield Carousel, we caught up celebrity chef Poh Ling Yeow, the Malaysian chain’s ambassador, when she was in town to inaugurate the restaurant. 


What have you been doing lately?

I took a year and a half off TV to paint and write my newly released cookbook, Same Same But Different, run two market stalls in Adelaide and just finished my first series, Poh & Co, with SBS which is shot in my home and hometown of Adelaide.


What’s you involvement with PappaRich? How did you become involved? 

I’m an ambassador for PappaRich which is the easiest job because everyone knows I’ve been talking about getting Malaysian cuisine on Aussie dining tables since I was on Masterchef.


How would you describe the fare on offer at the chain?

It’s the perfect representation of Malaysian cuisine with Indian, Malay and Chinese dishes (plus all the fusions in between) featuring on the comprehensive menu. The flavours are uniquely Malaysian – punchy, layered, and full of life.


How authentic is the cuisine at PappaRich?

Very much so. It’s a Malaysian franchise so the flavours are spot on – apart from my mums house, it’s where I go when I get cravings for the flavours I grew with.


For those unfamiliar with it, what are the key characteristics of Malaysian cuisine? How does it compare to other Asian foods?

Malaysian cuisine is unique because it’s comprised of three cultures: the Malays, which are the local culture, then a huge population of Indians and Chinese. All three cultures have lived together for a long time so the cuisines have fused and borrowed from one another which is also what confuses people about what Malaysian cuisine is about. Dishes can be nonya, a fusion of Malay and Chinese; mamak , a fusion of Indian and Malay; or seem very singularly Chinese or Indian or Malay. The beauty of this is it makes for sensational flavour combinations that draw from three cultures.


What sets PappaRich apart?

It’s very affordable, yum, dedicated to consistency and family friendly.



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