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Piratical Ponderings

Rolling StonesSeptember 19 is International Talk Like A Pirate Day, when a whole cross-section of the populace who spend too much time on the internet imitate actor Robert Newton’s West Country accent, which he employed in the 1950 Disney flick, Treasure Island (For real, that’s all it is. Look it up.).

No one remembers that, as the cultural footprint of every other pirate movie has been eclipsed by the Pirates Of the Caribbean films, in which Johnny Depp made himself a bajillionaire by imitating his old mate, Keith Richards. Coincidentally, today also brings us the news that Richards and his old mates, The Rolling Stones, have a new concert film coming to home release: The Rolling Stones Sweet Summer Sun – Hyde Park Live.

Filmed this northern summer when somewhere north of 100,000 screaming Stones fans hit London’s Hyde Park for two massive outdoor concerts, the package includes over two hours of concert footage and stacks of backstage and behind the scenes material. A ridiculous number of classic tracks get an airing, including Gimme Shelter, Sympathy For The Devil, Jumping Jack Flash and Start Me Up.

A must for any Stones devotee, The Rolling Stones Sweet Summer Sun – Hyde Park Live hits DVD and Blu-ray on November 15 through Shock.

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