PINK ON THE INSIDE – Pink, Ping Pong Perfection


Pink On The Inside – David Eriksson
Black Flamingo (for Fringe Festival)
Friday, January 27, 2017


If you’re looking for something to challenge, thrill and shock you, David Eriksson’s Pink on the Inside is it.

Master of balls and recently crowned Cabaret Royalty as part of this year’s Fringe Festival – and therefore officially a Fringe King – Eriksson has deigned to bring us his solo show from Sweden for its inaugural run in Perth. And it’s everything you’d expect from this La Soiree alumni and Fringe regular – an absolutely mind blowing physical symphony of rock, juggling, comedy and acrobatics, presented to us in varying shades of pink.

Eriksson erupts onto stage in the midst of Morricone, toilet paper and the short shorts we like. Cue his trademark hard core cock rock as he proceeds to stomp all over our brains with alt-slapstick cirque. Between growls and grins, he holds the audience in his hands as we are absorbed into his magnificent, pink world.

Slick and captivating, it’s a raw, visceral exploration of vulnerability and gender through physical feats that leave the audience audibly gasping, and screaming for more in paroxysms of delight. Opening night pauses and glitches weren’t unwelcome, the suspense allowing the audience a moment to pause for breath. Shivering in anticipation, no less.

Pink on the Inside is enthralling and engaging, disturbingly charming, and leaves us yearning for more of Eriksson’s pink bits.