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PINK MATTER You’ll Never Know gets 8/10

Pink Matter

You’ll Never Know
Daily Nightly 


Brisbane three-piece Pink Matter just released a new, twinkly single named You’ll Never Know following the news of their global signing to Melbourne tastemaker label Daily Nightly (Untitled Group).

Following in the legendary footsteps of similar groups like Destiny’s Child, TLC and HAIM to name a few – Pink Matter are continuing the powerful “girl-trio” reign in their own, redefining way. You’ll Never Know is a dreamy message that “takes the perspective of a girl talking to her friend, telling her that, although she exudes beauty, she doesn’t truly see it within herself,” as said by the band in a press statement.

Captured in lyrics like, “Everyone around her knows/ But you’ll never know/ The love she emulates, oh such grace/ But you’ll never know/ Blind to the beauty that radiates, through her, around her/ But you’ll never know,” the girls are advocating for more self-confidence and adoration for others amongst their listeners.

With the influence from co-producer, close collaborator and friend Harvey Sutherland, the track is musically relaxing yet definitely danceable. With so many elements beginning with simple keys, seeming water-droplet-like effects and faded off-beats which all proceed towards a climaxing middle section. It’s truly an exploration of the electronic sound with hints of disco, neo-soul and dance genres combined within.

Partnered with the girls music video where we find some smooth camera work which builds with the tempo. They’ve further delighted us with an array of slow-moving disco lights and a glowing drum kit within their private warehouse location for our viewing at home.



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