Pierce The Veil


This Is A Wasteland: Documentary

Fearless Records

“We wanted to travel the world and play music together… The search was on for the most amazing shows we could find around the world… We were all ready to take in as much culture as possible and do as much crazy shit as we could along the way.”

Following Pierce The Veil around their first worldwide tour (including an awesome recap of their Australian trip for Soundwave), This Is A Wasteland follows traditional band DVD structures, providing exclusive access to one of post-hardcore’s fastest rising stars.

Firstly, Pierce The Veil have achieved some incredible footage. The band really delves deep into the culture of every country they visit and as a result have proven the privilege and joys of being a band.

Whether you’re a fan of Pierce The Veil or not, you’ll have no choice but to accept the respect that these guys have for their fans, going above and beyond to setup outstanding shows, meet and greats and casual fan appearances.

Featuring guest appearances from Jason Butler, Sleeping With Sirens, Miss May I and All Time Low, the documentary is hilarious and remarkable; filling you with the dream of one day touring the world as a beloved musician. The documentary comes with Pierce The Veil’s third LP Collide With The Sky that shook 2012 as one of the top albums of the year.