PHOENIX J-Boy gets 8.5/10



If their heart-warming new track J-Boy is anything to go by, Phoenix are bringing indie charm back to the music world via their new album Ti Amo, due for release June 9. J-Boy is a synth laden, indie disco blinder that will have your head bopping and leave you wondering why you ever stopped listening to them (they could keep us waiting a little less time between albums – Ed).

The song is reminiscent of the indie electro scene of the late 2000’s which was spearheaded by the band’s third album Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix. J-Boy is a clear and modern step forward from this though, with a nod towards dance, disco and electronica, and it proves a breath of fresh air for a band who failed to capitalise on their hype last time around.

On their 2013 album Bankrupt!, the band pushed boundaries and expanded their sound, going in a more experimental direction, but they roamed too far and ended up losing the elements that made us love them so much in the first place.

In J-Boy however, they have reconnected and have replaced their previously overwhelming and compressed sounds with a song that floats around in jangly synth heaven.

By sticking to the basics and focusing on what they are good at, Phoenix have made a song full of quirky melody, perky bass and radiant layers. The song also reminds us just how lovable Thomas Mars’ vocals are, his intonation and phrasing style might just make his the most charming voice in indie music.