PHILIP LA ROSA X-Clusive video premiere: Paradise

Two months after the single was released, WA songwriter Philip La Rosa has unveiled the video for Paradise this week. The song is a testament to his boyfriend of seven years and their journey together; from hiding behind closed doors to eliminating the fear of showing their love to the world. Love it!

The video was recorded in the Whitsundays while the couple were travelling together. La Rosa said he hoped to catch the essence of the song with visuals that really did the song and the sentiment behind it justice.

“Following (my partner) Jack around with a camera was my way of showing viewers what paradise is to me, and that my paradise is not so different from theirs,” he said.

“Filming while we travelling was the perfect combo. Being able to capture our holiday and compress it to three minutes of pure happiness and beautiful scenery was not only an amazing way for me to reflect on my relationship, but hopefully captivating for viewers.”

It is the first music video La Rosa has filmed, edited and directed. He said he “can’t wait to look back at this in 20 years.”

Paradise is out now. Check out the X-Clusive X-Press premiere of the video clip for Paradise below (and watch till the end for a secret surprise!)