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Peter Helliar

246_cropped_730x4122Whatever, Man

TV and radio veteran Peter Helliar performs his new show, Whatevs (…Forevs), at the Astor Theatre on Friday, May 10, as part of the Perth International Comedy Festival. Go to for details. TRAVIS JOHNSON reports.

Known to Australian audiences for his appearances on Rove, The Bounce and countless radio appearances, noted funnyman Peter Helliar is bringing his new stand up show westward. However, when we grill him on the actual subject of his latest act, he gets a bit evasive.

“It’s an hour of the stuff that I reckon’s funny,” he says simply. “There’s not necessarily a grand theme with this one. Its subjects range from family, marriage, technology – your go-to points! But there’s also Catholicism, boat people, all kinds of stuff in there.”

According to the show’s publicity blurb, it also encompasses fixie bikes, skinny jeans and slip on shoes, so would it be safe to say the city’s hipster contingent will be copping a serve?

Well, maybe not so much. “It’s gotten to the stage now that the show kind of changes a little bit of that, and there’s certainly a lot of commentary on language, hence the title – the abbreviation of language. I certainly won’t be wearing skinny jeans on stage, I don’t think – that’s probably an important thing to stress. I don’t want to scare anybody off.”

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