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PETER BIBBY’S DOG ACT Oceans gets 9/10

Local larrikin Peter Bibby is back, teaming up with his “Dog Act” to bring some much-needed musical vigour with new single Oceans, released via local label Spinning Top. Bibby hasn’t been heard of much since his 2018 album Grand Champion, but this is an unrelenting return.

In a press statement, Bibby said the new song began as “a little sea shanty-esque poem scrawled on a piece of paper about going mad in the middle of the ocean” and, after listening, this is well put. Bibby often sounds like he’s drowning under his own words, exhausted by his own fury and spittle, before he emerges unscathed and alive. This is garage rock of the highest quality, destined to be drunkenly sung by mates over crates in a mad act of camaraderie (indeed, the song features a boozy and woozy bellowed chorus towards its end). The drums are thunderous and unceasing, while the fuzz is ferocious and chaotic.

Bibby is a true independent icon, a freewheeling and wholly unique musician in both his character and his craft. His signature gargle and howl are front and centre in this song, making it a welcome and raucous return.


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