PETER BIBBY’s 5 Oz acts to look out for

Peter Bibby

Peter Bibby

Peter Bibby is one of WA’s most promising exports. Always seemingly on the verge of big things, his music video for recent single Medicine just took out a WAMAward (check it out below), and he’s embarking on a tour to support it including a show at Mojos Bar on Saturday, November 18. In an X-PRESS exclusive, Bibby gives us an insight into his travels around the country by listing his five favourite up and coming Australian acts.

Ostraaly (VIC)

Ostraaly is the latest musical adventure led by Katharine Daly, one of my favourite outspoken foul mouthed angels walking this planet. With former Crotch Sister Leonie Lionheart and fellow WA kook gentleman Alex Griffin by her side, there is no shortage of deep Australian-isms and gut wrenching honesty in songs that could have been from the settlement era. A settlement era you could dance to.

Track: Struggling

All The Weathers (TAS)

I’m not sure what to say about this band other than I love them and I feel like they embody Hobart’s clean and dirty belly in a way that makes you aware yet smiling.

Track: ABC

Buddy Dingo (NSW)

Charlie ‘Buddy’ Dingo is a mountain man who likes BBQs, cricket, footy, all the stuff you want a man to like if you’re going to have a chat with him at the pub. He’s a bit of a master of the loop pedal, spins a great yarn and carries a mysterious esky everywhere he goes.

Track: Parramatta Man

Emlyn Johnson (TAS)

Emlyn has been kicking around Australia for quite some time now, popping up when you least/most expect him, in varying in levels of hairiness and enthusiasm for music. He’s written some of the best songs I’ve ever heard and has only a few times made me cranky, but not because of his music. He just released a new album Contested Mark which is a bloody good listen.

Track: Slippin + Slidin’

Biscotti (VIC)

Biscotti is Carla Ori’s baby. Biscotti shreds, Biscotti sings, Biscotti beats. It makes me want a canoli. It’s lush and creamy and it makes me want to dance, despite my inability to do so without looking like a crooked fool.

Track: Luciano’s Jalopy