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Perth Symphony Orchestra are set to relax audiences at their Come And Listen to Music (C.A.L.M.) concert at Perth Town Hall on Thursday, August 16.

The Orchestra will play Mozart’s Symphony No 41 otherwise known as the Jupiter Symphony, whilst a yoga instructor will host the concert and guide the audience “into the zone” by relaxing their minds and bodies with breathing exercises at the beginning.

The show will be a short 40 minute concert that encourages stressed-out city workers to come straight from work, miss the busy “rush hour” and relax and rejuvenate.

“Perth Symphony Orchestra is always striving to break new ground, stretch the boundaries of the norm, and present music in a way that people find quirky, imaginative, and relevant to them. It is music of the past presented in a futuristic or holistic way by addressing the needs of today’s audience,” said Executive Director Bourby Webster.

Perth Symphony Orchestra’s Come And Listen to Music (C.A.L.M.) concert will be held at Perth Town Hall on Thursday, August 16. Tickets on sale now. 

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