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This year marks the second annual Perth International Queer Film Festival, and with the debate about marriage equality raging, it is a topical and important time to showcase LGBT representation in cinema.

From September 13 to 21, The Backlot Cinema becomes the home for this festival fundraiser for the WA AIDS council, screening a number of films from across the globe, many of which are Australian premieres. There will also be a number of short films attached to these features, again broadening the breadth of queer film-makers being covered.

The Opening Night film will be Discreet, a Lynchian inspired mystery box film that is strong on atmosphere and storytelling. Although Discreet may occasionally bang up against the confines of it’s small budget (especially in terms of some of the secondary cast’s acting), it overcomes this by it’s solid sense of tension that is threaded through-out. This is a film that will encourage debate, and a discussion with fellow audience members will help unlock many of the hidden depths of this film. At times chilling, it is centred by a riveting performance by Jonny Mars, as the troubled and confused drifter Alex.

However the Perth International Queer Film Festival will offer a range of differing films. From traditional relationship dramas, to cyperpunk, to the verge of the apocalypse, there’s a diverse catalogue of films set to appeal to all tastes.

The Perth International Queer Film Festival runs September 13 to 21 at The Backlot Cinema, with a free screening of Velociraptor at Curtin on the September 19. Tickets are now on sale.

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