wa_aids_piqff_banner2For 7 nights The Backlot Perth will become the home of the Perth International Queer Film Festival. This inaugural festival is due to a collaboration of the WA AIDS Council and The Backlot, (along with support from The Film Collaborative and M-Appeal). It will showcase some of the best of international Queer cinema. A different film every night between 9-15 of September, many of them premiering for the first time in WA, and with the proceeds going to the WA AIDS Council.

Film Festival Director Mark Reid, has brought us a collection of thought provoking films from across the globe. With that in mind we look at a couple of our recommendations for the festival.

The opening night film, Jonathan is an immaculately filmed piece from Germany. It tells the story of a 23 year old boy (the titular Jonathan) who has sacrificed much of his personal ambitions to look after his cancer-stricken father and his family farm. An unexpected visitor changes what he thought he knew of his family history and throws his relationship with his dying father into chaos. Their is a real emotional resonance about this film, as it deals with a number of its plot points in a way that are surprising and revelatory. The result is a very moving and beautiful experience.

Portrait Of A Serial Monogamist has been described as “High Fidelity for lesbians”. That alone should be reason enough to be drawn to this Canadian film, and it wears that comparison pretty well, with a few significant differences. In this case Elsie (Diane Flack) is the initiator of the break-up, something she has done with every relationship since her first, but with her last ex she starts to have doubts. Flack sells the character of Elsie with every soliloquy addressed to camera in a charismatic and off handed manner. This is a light dramedy, but with a few pointed and amusing insights.

Other films include the South African film While You Weren’t Looking, the rather controversial Like Cattle Towards Glow, the Dutch film Boys (Jongens), and the US films Daddy and Those People.

Each film will only be showing for one night, so it’s important to check details. To find out more go to WA AIDS Council website or keep up with the action on the PIQ Film Festival Facebook page.