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PERTH FESTIVAL Announce new Tim Minchin dates

After COVID restrictions threw much of their 2021 program into uncertainty over the past two weeks, Perth Festival have now announced the new dates for one of the summer’s most anticipated events. Tim Minchin’s world-premiere special performance of his brand-new album, Apart Together with West Australian Symphony Orchestra in Kings Park is now set to be held on Saturday, February 20 and Sunday, February 21.

It comes after news late last week that Perth Festival 2021 would be pushed back to now run from Sunday, February 15 until Sunday, March 14. 

Tim Minchin said; “When that poor young security guard tested positive, I had only been out of quarantine for a couple of days, and my first instinct was to go, bugger this, and just hop on a plane and get back to my kids. I hesitated though, because as a man who loves a bakery, I know a solid number of consecutive days of doughnuts is possible.”

“And as a friend of Iain Grandage and Perth Festival, I knew the expertise and will would be there to try and reschedule very quickly, should those doughnuts line up. And line-up they did. It’s hard to describe how complex it is to shift a concert of this size in such a short time, but they’ve done it. Hope you can all still come!”

Perth Festival welcomes its audiences under a WA Health-approved COVID safety plan. They remind patrons that staying COVID-safe is a shared responsibility, urging people to remember to register their attendance, wash their hands, keep their distance from others and stay home if unwell.

Perth Festival have announced Tim Minchin’s performance with West Australia Symphony Orchestra at Kings Park will now happen on Saturday, February 20 and Sunday, February 21. For more information and updates head to 

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