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Perth Fashion Festival: Restyle

Adelle-CousinsThe Perth Fashion Festival Restyle Photo-A-Day Opshop Challenge saw seven Perth fashion bloggers create – and, more importantly, post photos of – an outfit created from upcycled fashion every day throughout the month of August. We checked in with blogger Adelle Cousins to get the scoop.

Self-described ‘graphic designer by day, fashion blogger by night’ Adelle Cousins has a long-held passion for fashion, having started out in a different area of the rag trade before coming to her current position. “I started out as a photographer in the fashion industry but blogging, writing, styling and collaborating is definitely where my heart lies,” she tells us.

With that comes an appreciation of and keen eye for the ancient art of opshopping. Cousins admits that she has spent countless hours poring through second-hand stores for previously loved fashion gems and accessories. “I have op shopped most of my life, and I grew up in a thrifty family so I think for me it just teaches you at a young age not to be so materialistic and to also appreciate a lot of things and keep you grounded.”

Asked about her favourite opshop spots, Cousins responds “ There are just too many because every opshop has either great staff or great finds, but I have to admit I am a sucker for the Belmont opshops on Abernethy Road. And close to home, the Port Kennedy, Rockingham and Kwinana op shops are brilliant!”

That enthusiasm made her a perfect participant for the Perth Fashion Festival Restyle project. As she explains, “It’s all about being fabulous on a budget! Alongside the Perth Fashion Festival, seven bloggers were given the opportunity to work with a dedicated charity opshop, my charity was The Good Sammies. Every day of August we uploaded our outfits to our blogs. Not just that; we also had prompts each day, my favourite day being Day Four because it saw me burst out of my comfort zone with mixing prints. The best thing about this year, it was interactive – giving the community and fashion lovers the opportunity to hashtag #restyle2013 and join in on the fun. There was over 2000 hashtags on Instagram alone! How awesome is that?”

Cousins is also fervent in her support of The Good Samaritans, the charity she was paired with for the project, and from whom all her fashion choices were drawn. “They employ staff with disabilities which gives these beautiful people not only equality but a sense of achievement and a job at the end of the day. The money we spend at the Good Sammies helps to keep everyone employed. To me – it’s all good, there is no downside and I could bang on about it for hours!”

Check out Adelle’s Restyle Photo-A-Day outfits – and all her other work here.

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