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Epitaph Records


Whether it was Zoli Teglas on vocals or the continuous growth of a legendary punk band, it was clear that 2012’s All Or Nothing was some of Pennywise’s most creative and layered work to date.

With singer, Jim Lindberg, back in town, the band may have seemingly taken a back step with their latest release, Yesterdays, a re-recorded compilation of older unreleased tracks that the band re-learnt from old demo tapes; returning to their signature ‘90s Southern California skate punk sound. However the tribute to fallen band mate, Jason Thirsk, proves to be a solid addition to any diehard Pennywise fans collection; reviving their classic sound within a smoother and stronger modern mix.  Their 11th studio album is full of fast, impactful punk, aggressive group yells and non-stop, energetic rhythm guitar. In a superb coincidence, the stronger tracks on the album, Slow Down and Thanksgiving, are both written by Thirsk himself and take the album on a slightly heavier and mosh-inducing spree. With Pennywise back to basics; time will tell what direction they choose to take next.



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