PENNYWISE Never Gonna Die gets 8/10

Never Gonna Die


Legendary punk rock juggernauts Pennywise will release 12th album Never Gonna Die on April 20, the first ‘proper’ new album with frontman Jim Lindberg in a decade – since 2008’s Reasons to Believe in fact.

They’ve pre-released title track Never Gonna Die, and it’s just the kick in the ass the world needs right now. In true Pennywise style, it’s fast, heavy and attitude soaked, with an unforgiving, yet thought provoking, punch in the gut.

According to Lindberg, it delves into “the seemingly immortal practice of handing down our ancient biases, prejudice, and religious dogma from each generation to the next”. Further adding, “The goal of the song is to try and get young people to finally say enough, and that the system isn’t working”.

It does just that. When not thrashing to the rapid beat of the song, the thought provoking lyrics give you something deeper to ponder. Lindberg’s vocals demand attention and encourage the questioning of authority, as silence is merely acceptance of the problem.

Sound familiar? It’s a common message from Pennywise, but now it’s probably more relevant than ever, and maybe now people will start to stand against the issues around us. In short, it’s the duty of us all to challenge corruption, and the world will change for the better when we do.

Never Gonna Die just goes to show Pennywise aren’t going away soon and are still as musically brutal and lyrically relevant as ever.