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PEARL Jewel of the Park

Victoria Park local Pearl will take to the stage at Victoria Park’s Twilight Trio concert after taking out the contest for an envied support slot sharing the bill with Perth indie sensation Verge Collection in front of a massive audience this Sunday, January 28. Despite her prodigious talent, it’s a big step forward for the young performer who up until now has been mastering her craft in more subdued settings, bringing her songs to life in cafes, markets and the comfort of her own home. BRAYDEN EDWARDS caught up with Pearl and got to know this emerging songwriter as she shared her story on how she came to land the gig, what artists have influenced her style and what she has in store for her set this weekend. 

Congratulations on winning the Twilight Trio support band competition! How did it feel when you got the call to find out you’d taken it out?

Thank you! It was a mixture of happiness and shock, the phone was on speaker and my sister and I were silently screaming at each other. I remember jumping over the couch after the call had ended too.

And how did you go about putting in a song for this competition? Did you already have a song recorded or did you have to take care of that part once you decided you wanted to put yourself in the running?

After deciding to run for the competition, I actually wrote the song, had it edited, recorded and sent in within a week as per the submission deadline. The time pressure was quite productive.

Is this the biggest show you’ve ever been part of? How is it going to be different from your previous performances?

This will definitely be the biggest show so far, I feel honoured to be sharing a stage with Verge Collection. It will be a different experience for me as I’m used to being more of a painting on the wall rather than part of a line up.

And for those who haven’t heard you, what kind of style of music do you play and what are your main musical influences?

I would consider my current style to be easy listening acoustic/indie, though I’m still experimenting. The Australian artist Julia Jacklin has been one of my main influences; after seeing her live for the first time I went out and bought an electric guitar.

You get to share the stage with local legends Verge Collection this Sunday which is pretty awesome. If you had the choice of sharing the bill with any artist of your choice who would it be and why?

I’d love to perform with John Mayer if I had the chance, since he has mad talent both instrumentally and vocally. His trio also seems like a lot of fun.

This a pretty amazing way to start 2018 in a musical sense at least. What else can we expect from Pearl this year?

I am expecting this gig to be one of the highlights of 2018 for me for sure. As for the rest of the year, I’d really like to release an EP that I’m proud of.

Twilight Trio #2 is a free, all-ages event taking place this Sunday, January 28 from 5.30pm at John Macmillan Park. For more information on the event head here. 

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