NSW singer/songwriter Dylan Wright is heading over to Perth to play three very different but special shows with WA’s own Riley Pearce. The pair are big fans of each other’s music, which should make for some excellent shows.

“Dylan’s music has this innate ability to just make you feel like you’re on holidays,” Pearce says. “Real calm and soothing tunes. The three shows will all be very different, one is an intimate solo show, one a full band gig and another at an art gallery so it’s a chance to see and hear my songs in a variety of different performances.”

Riley Pearce
Riley Pearce

“Riley’s lyrics and music allow you, the listener, to delve into his world and explore it with him,” says Wright, “he does it with such ease. These few shows will be my first West Coast shows. I’m excited to have the chance to play in a variety of venues and to road test some of my new material.”

The pair team up for an intimate/house concert style gig at Blinco St Cafe, Fremantle, on Thursday, July 2; , there’s a full band gig of Pearce’s at the Indi Bar, Scarborough, on Friday, July 3, and the third at the HyperVision art show in Midland on Sunday, July 5.

Pearce will also release a new EP in October. For full details head to