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PAUL KELLY Life is Fine on new single and album

Paul Kelly fans get excited because he has just announced the release of his latest Life is Fine, due out August 11 and available for pre-order now.

The first single off the album Firewood and Candles is out now, a song reminiscent of his 80s recordings, something said to be present throughout the album, which was made with a band of Kelly’s lifelong musical friends and crackles with energy. 

Discussing what he wanted for the record Kelly said, “I knew I wanted it to be an upbeat record, we worked with Steve Schram, who engineered and co-produced. He likes to work really fast and get the performance of the band live in the studio, vocals and all at the same time.”

With insiders making comparisons between this album and Gossip, and So Much Water So Close to Home, our anticipation levels are certainly piqued. 

Talking about the similarities Kelly said, “I was aware of that as we were making it, the guitar riff at the start of Firewood and Candles is like a Sunnyboys song. Those kind of guitar lines, nothing fancy but really strong, are like the ones Steve Connolly used to play with The Messengers”.

Firewood and Candles is out now. Life is Fine is out August 11.

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