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Duo-plus-two Patient Little Sister launch their new EP, Bit By Bit, at the Astor Lounge this Friday, February 13, with support from Buffalo Club and Jeff’s Dead. We catch up with singer and guitarist James Rogers to get the skinny.

Patient Little Sister have undergone some significant lineup changes since the start. Take us through how the band has developed.

Patient Little Sister started off as an acoustic duo with my sister Eliza (vocals and violin) and I, with the focus being mainly on vocal harmonies. But after a few recording sessions where the songs required drums and bass we got our mate Alex Megaw to get on the skins and we eventually settled on Jason Bale as our bassist (who is also an awesome singer). It’s definitely a band now and I’ve also started playing the electric guitar live, but the main focus of the band is still the vocal harmonies, we’re making sure that stays the same.

Tell us about the EP. Was it a long time in gestation?

Yeah it was! We began the recording process in mid 2013 (some of the songs we’d been performing for over two years prior) and that was when we were in the midst finding a new bass player. Once Jason was in, we found that he really contributed to the sound and we decided that he should add his bass lines to the recordings, this spurred the rest of us on to dig a little deeper as far as our own contributions and arrangements were concerned and it wasn’t until September last year that the EP was good for mastering.

Who did you record with?

We recorded at RADA studios with Dan Carol. He and co owner Mat Gio are great to work with and can really pull a good sound. Dan is very patient and encouraging, especially when we were still sorting the songs and the band line up out. He also added some guitar and synth lines which were mint!

What’s the plan for the rest of the year?

We are working on our third EP at the moment and the plan is to have it out by September, fingers crossed!

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