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Pat Chow

Pat Chow
Pat Chow

Caught By The Scuzz

Pat Chow launch their debut EP, Good Deed, this Friday, May 30, at Mojo’s with guests Royston Vasie, The Community Chest, Black Stone From The Sun and Aborted Tortoise. BOB GORDON checks in with bassist, Andrew ‘Goldy’ Meredith.

Pat Chow tout themselves as a scuzz pop trio and in listening to their debut EP, Good Deed, it’s a description that sits pretty well.  

For a first recorded glimpse, it’s a nice mesh of overdriven guitars and hints of old ‘90s trios, but with the more youthful exuberance of doing it right now.

“We were really just trying to get down something that captured what we do live,” says bassist, Andrew Meredith. “I think there’s a bit of variety on the EP, so I guess in that way it gives a glimpse in to what we’re about. We were mainly interested in capturing a decent performance of the songs.”

It was a modest aim, but certainly one which has extended beyond that premise. The songs have kicked about for a while and deserved, at the very least, a good airing.

“I joined the band in late 2012 and these were the newer songs that were kicking around then,” Meredith explains. “We recorded the EP a while ago now and at the time we just really wanted to get them down. We’ve got a bunch of newer songs now and we mix our set up a bit, but we always play a few of these.”

Winning is the lead track and single. Charlie Sheen would no doubt #approve.

“It’s probably our fastest song and pretty direct,” Meredith says. “When we worked on Winning there wasn’t much to it ‘cause it’s just a lot fun to play how Ben (Protasiewicz on vocals/guitar, drummer Jamie Gallacher completes the trio) wrote it. I think it’s kind of a break-up song but pretty tongue in cheek. It’s all about victory!”

The Love Junkies’ Mitch McDonald stepped into the producer’s roleon Good Deed and by all accounts excelled behind and beyond the desk.

“Mitch was great to work with,” Meredith says. “He was very hands-on and came up with some great ideas; not just with the sound but also things like harmonies and guitar parts. He’s a swell guy with a good brain, so it was a good learning experience to work with him.”

Pat Chow are obviously happy to have a debut EP released, but are also mindful that it is a gateway to other steps forward.

“Well it’s just good to have it out there for people to listen to,” Meredith notes. “Hopefully some of them like it! We are launching it on Friday night at Mojo’s, and doing a couple of shows over east in the next few weeks. If it helps generate more opportunities for the band, of course, that would be great.”

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