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PAT CHOW Make It Hard gets 9.5/10

Pat Chow

Make It Hard


Pat Chow have dropped another absolute alt-rock banger. But have we come to expect anything less from the band Perth adores? The single, Make It Hard, is full of such ferocious energy that only true misfits could conjure it up. Make It Hard is the second single off their upcoming album Overwhelming Care due for release in November.

Previous release No Strings was the calmer version of their indie rock brand, but Make It Hard is as a throwback to their earlier hard-hitting days. It’s been almost three years since the band released their debut album Are You Okay?, which received huge acclaim and a loyal legion of fans. When you drop a first album like that the pressure to back it up must be hard – wanting to do something new, progress, but stay true to your sound and style. Make It Hard does that, but it doesn’t just do it, it wildly succeeds at it.

Singer Benjamin Protasiewicz has a knack of writing deceptively simple and brilliantly timed lyrics that cut through to your core with their frankness and delivery. With lines like “congratulations, you make it fucking hard” ringing true to everyone who’s ever been in a long term relationship and become frustrated by all that that requires. Protasiewicz’s vocals are delivered with such truth that you feel like you are standing right there next to him shouting them with him. You believe him. It’s this level of complexity and adult realism mixed with the indifferent punk spirit and energy that comes together in such a perfect way.

Pat Chow have stuck to their guns,  delivering honest, in-your-face indie rock that is equal parts vitriol and finesse. They don’t care what is cool, they just make music their way, seemingly undiluted by external influence. It’s music played from the heart without second guessing or complications; yes it’s full of energy and fast paced with big chunky chords and sing along anthems, but there is poetry in the lyrics, detail in the compilation, it’s perfectly clean and executed with rawness and roundness. Its swells and explodes excellently and as such instantly elevates the listener.

We should be proud Perth has spawned such an unapologetic and authentic act.


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