PAT CHOW Exclusive: new video & song

Here’s an X-Press exclusive you’ll want to jump straight on – be the first to watch Pat Chow‘s brand new video for latest single Make It Hard – see below. They’ll be officially launching it on Saturday, September 15 at North Perth Bowls Club with Eat Alone and Hussy DJs in tow.

Released in the lead up to their new album Overwhelming Care (out November), Make It Hard‘s accompanying live video was filmed at Candyland Studios in Cincinnati where the band made a stop on their American tour in April this year.

The song is something of a throwback to their earlier alt-punk sound, with searing guitar tones and lyrics that capture the excitement as well as some of the anxiety that can come into making new relationships.

Recorded at Studio Sleepwalkers Dread by producer Ron Pollard (Tangled Thoughts of Leaving, Hideous Sun Demon, Skullcave) and mixed by Andy Lawson at Debaser (Foam, Verge Collection), the sound of the new single takes a fresh approach to Pat Chows familiar sound.

Make It Hard is out now. Pat Chow play North Perth Bowls Club with Eat Alone and Hussy DJs on Saturday, September 15.