PARAMORE Hard Times gets 8/10

Hard Times
Warner Music


Paramore are taking history in their stride with the fun and quirky Hard Times. Coming a long way since their moody-teenage rock anthems from a decade or so ago, the band have gestated into something new, colourful and interesting.

Although it can feel like a complete makeover for the band, replacing emo-punk power chords with cheeky, staccato-like stabs instead, it suggests Paramore have continued on their alternate trajectory begun on 2013’s self-titled album Paramore.

What remains, and what definitely prevents fans from believing their beloved band is gone, is Hayley Williams scathing, jarringly forthright vocals. Her voice and lyrics display a joyous, carefree apathy which settles into an emerging youthful vitality.

The track ultimately wants to tell you it’s OK, and to kick it when you hit the ground. Paramore are reassuring their fans they haven’t really gone away – Hard Times leaving a whiff of excitement for what they concoct from upcoming album After Laughter.