PALLBEARER Heartless bastards of doom


Colossal doom merchants Pallbearer return to Australia in June/July, opening their Australian tour at the recently renovated Rosemount Hotel on Friday, June 30.

The band’s return is on the back of their third album, Heartless, a towering release that’s hastily rode a wave of positive feedback throughout the metal community.

The Arkansas four piece are often compared to doom pioneers such as Pentagram, Saint Vitus and Black Sabbath for all the right reasons – they offer a complexity with roots deeply sunk into classic prog, ’90s alt-rock and stretches of black-tinged proto-metal. Stripping themselves away from the verse/chorus/verse structuring grants them the ability to craft ambling songs, taking the listener through valleys of hypnotic riff-work before scaling mountains of emotional catharsis.

Heartless features unexpected musical instruments and techniques as Campbell and Roland handle synthesisers next to their usual duties. With the addition of gentle acoustics and the crunch of their riffs, the end result is a colossal hour of expansive music, powerful in both theme and sound itself.

Pallbearer play the Rosemount Hotel on Friday, June 30. Tickets from