PALAIS @ The Good Shepherd gets 6.5/10


Palais @ The Good Shepherd
Friday, March 31, 2017


It wasn’t a night to impress, it was simply a celebration of achievement. Friday March 31 Palais released his EP Apolis and to go with it threw a launch party at The Good Shepherd in Leederville.

The atmosphere was intimate, his live set-up simply on the ground. But it was perfect because Palais knew that most of the crowd would be his family and friends, he knew that he didn’t need a huge space and an overstated appearance because he was there to share what he loved to do and with the ones he loved most.

Although he wasn’t expecting a big audience the build up for the local was impressive, having been premiered on Triple J House Party with KLP and performing live for RTRFM, Palais woke up on the Friday at #2 on the iTunes Electronic charts, above Flume and Safia.

Family seated on the side and best mates on the frontline ready for a boogie, Palais then started his performance. Imagine a warehouse party where only your best friends are invited.

Two guests enhanced his performance. Ziggy Fatnowna, an emerging hip-hop artist from Perth who joined him for a song he apparently hadn’t sung for a while, though his freestyling was so effortless you didn’t notice. The atmosphere allowed it to have that casual feel. The song wasn’t part of the EP but was a good decision.

The music from the EP really ranged from what you’d expect from an electronic artist to being surprised in what had been created. Instant Crush which was performed with featuring artist Your Girl Pho brought personality and energy which created a real synergy and helped make that poppy sound we all love. Similar to his other song Games featuring Luna May who was not there to perform. The song Apolis came across dramatic and had a theatrical touch.


Palais finished with Chimera which started really soft but built beautifully into something fun. You couldn’t say that all songs were written to have the same continuity but somehow they did, all really easy and interesting to listen to. Proof that quality really is better than quantity. It was tired songs and 16 minutes of creativity and work that obviously hadn’t been produced over-night.


The night was worth a tired eyed Saturday morning and if you didn’t make it, the EP costs as much as your morning coffee and is 100% worth a listen.