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Our Man In Berlin launch their new single, Moliere, at Jimmy’s Den this Saturday, March 14, with support from Lilt, Angus Dawson and D-Jeong. We have a word with singer, Haydn Mansell.

How are things in camp OMIB?

Things are pretty great! We just got back from a few east coast dates and now we are gearing up for our hometown launch this Saturday at Jimmy’s Den. The shows over east went rather well. It’s only our third time over there and we definitely played to the biggest and most receptive crowds that we’ve ever had on the east coast. So that was really nice, to kind of feel that the awareness of us over there is rising.

Tell us about Moliere.

We were messing around with combining drum and bass elements with guitar music. When Trevor (Shotam, guitarist) came up with the guitar riff, it inspired me to come up with the verse vocal melody. The majority of the song was created really organically at a jam.  It wasn’t until weeks later that a chorus melody popped into my head. Unfortunately for me I was in a public bathroom at the time so I had to sing my chorus into my iPhone to make sure that I wouldn’t forget it.

What made it stand out as a potential single?

We all really love the song. But to be honest I think everyone is equally happy with the rest of the EP. We will be putting out two more singles this year to help promote our forthcoming EP so it wasn’t as if we had to choose one stand-out single.

Where did you record and who with?

We did a lot of recording at home, and some of those recordings found their way into the final product. But we had our beats enhanced by Morgan Then of Slumberjack fame. And then we recorded the majority of the EP with Andy Lawson at Debaser. Andy has a great knack for getting a bit more out of us, and the songs always grow a little in the studio with him. Morgan also added some serious beef to our drum sounds.

What’s up next for you guys?

After the single launch we will be getting our next single ready. Then we’ve got a few shows overseas (I’m not allowed to say where yet). Mid-year we will release the EP and do another national tour. Exciting times, really!

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