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Only Murders in the Building: Review

Do you happen to be a true crime fan? Do you enjoy listening to podcasts or watching documentaries about murders? Have you ever thought about a killer’s mindset when he/ she commits a crime? You probably have and you are probably a true crime fan. Nothing to be ashamed of, doesn’t mean you have a twisted mind. More like you have an inquiring mind, which is pretty awesome. If you’re looking for a new fall TV show that will blow your “true crime fan” mind, then the new Hulu series “Only Murders in the Building” will make quite an impression on you. An unlikely trio of Selena Gomez, Steve Martin and Martin Short seemed quite organic and dynamic. Despite a pretty big age difference between Selena, Martin and Steve, she seems very comfortable around them and she definitely seems to be enjoying being around the mastadonts of show business. 

Your show obsession will be equal to PlayAmo casino Australia obsession. The show is still ongoing, so we have yet to discover the main mystery of who’s the killer. The TV series is fun and light-hearted, despite it being a show about a murder. The main premise is that three strangers who share a passion for genuine crime find themselves entangled in one. When a gruesome death happens in their opulent Upper West Side apartment building, the trio suspects murder and uses their in-depth knowledge of true crime to uncover the truth. The lies they tell each other are perhaps even more explosive. As they scramble to grasp the growing evidence before it’s too late, the imperiled trio realizes that a killer may be among them. 

How the Ideas Behind the Show was Born

“Only Murders in the Building” co-creator John Hoffman confesses that the series was somewhat influenced by his own life tragic experience. He also mentioned that Mable’s (Selena Gomez’s character) scenario of losing contact with someone and then realizing that they’ve died is a situation that he is familiar with. Hoffman describes how he struggled to accept the reality that an old buddy had committed suicide when he first learned of it. The co-creator recounts how he kept investigating until he discovered the truth of what happened.

Admittedly, the casting choices are incredibly spot on. Despite being in the business for so long, Steve Martin and Martin Short have not lost their sense of humor and comedic delivery. It’s very rare when the show surprises you, but “Only Murders in the Building”  has hit a homerun both in terms of the cast and plot. In the entertainment industry, the weirdest pairings frequently produce the most intriguing stories and this show falls exactly under that category. 

The Martins, now in their 70s but still as wickedly funny and intellectual as ever, provide the same razor-sharp satire that we’ve come to expect from them for decades. Selena Gomez’s appearance as a mystery young woman with a strong personal connection to the murder victim adds an unexpected dimension to the show. She bounces off her two older co-stars without making them feel like filler, and she propels the story ahead with the perfect blend of tragic and satirical tone. Gomez’s presence in the ensemble has undoubtedly helped it become one of the most talked-about shows on television for the new fall season, as well as the most streamed comedy launch in Hulu’s history. She’s extensively promoted it on Instagram, where she has 259 million followers, and it helps to diversify an audience that would otherwise lean older due to her other two co-stars. There are also talks about the second season as well, although only 7 episodes of the first season have been aired so far. 

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