One Day





Mainline is the train line running between Central Station and Strathfield on Sydney’s Inner West Line and the name of One Day’s debut album. It shines though that these seven creative men – from Horrorshow, Spit Syndicate, Jackie Onassis and Joyride  – have all put their hearts into this record making every song unique and different in style. What brings the songs together is the American rap sound the songs have, this is not another easier-listening Australian rap record. It is hard bass with playful tones jumping on top.

A song that really stands out is Love Me Less –  ‘I cheat on every woman I’ve ever been with, do you love me less?’ at the very least it’s poetic and honest. Mainland has a range of different sounds from straight forward rap to Jamaican rhythms and vocals in S.D.R.O to the ballad, Leave Your Windows Open.

Mainline is an open and honest album filled with emotions and genuine rap energy, bringing personal stories and things back to down to earth.