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Oliver Tank


Slow Motion Music


Oliver Tank’s album does as it says on the packet. Slow Motion Music is an incredibly atmospheric record and if ambience is what you’re after then this should hit the spot. Without any immediate sparks (it is a slow burner, after all), Tank’s music has a rhythm that takes a few plays to really get into, but once you’re there you’ll pick up on a dreamy wave and in there find some complex layers.

Slow Motion Music is a follow-up to Tank’s 2011 EP, Dreams, and a reference to his song Last Night I Heard Everything In Slow Motion. Both EPs are very similar – textual if a little predictable. Tank’s recent support for acts like Lana Del Rey, James Blake and Lorde prove he can warm up big crowds even though his chilled electronica might not be the type to get to get you pumped for a night out.

Listened to in full, the album is bliss. Different Speed, featuring producer Ta-ku, has lyrics that could be a slogan for the entire album: ‘slow down world, you move too fast for me’. A collaboration with UK producer Stumbleine reveals similarities between the pair – both produce electronica with a lot of feeling. The opener, Stay, features Tank’s long-time collaborator Fawn Myers whose ethereal vocals complement his music. Meanwhile, Hayden Calnin’s unique voice is the main attraction in Name. 

The album flows nicely with the guest vocalists / producers although they’re all similar to Tank which means there’s nothing completely unexpected cropping up. A highlight is Home, a dedication to Australia and which shows Tank can produce a stunning track alone.


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