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Old Man Luedecke


Tender Is The Night

True North Records

Chris Luedecke, or Old Man Luedecke as he prefers to be known when gracing the stage, is a Canadian folk singer who is a master of his craft on the banjo. Tender Is The Night is a continuation of his deft bluegrass pickings, but this time he teams up with a couple of Nashville musicians to flesh out the skeletons he creates.

Luedecke may have a passing resemblance to Kyle Sandilands, but he is far from foolish when he opens his mouth. Not only do his fingers do the talking on his trusty banjo, he shows a clever turn of phrase and a warm set of pipes.

Jonah And The Whale is a tale of struggle as a man is sent packing from his family home and finds himself crying out from the belly of a whale. It also happens to be as catchy as hell. Song For Ian Tyson brings in the country staple of whiskey to the occasion stating that ‘whiskey makes the guitar rusty, soothes the voice like honey for a while’. It makes you want to reach for a drop immediately.

Old Man Luedecke may get heaped in with the new folk crop such as your Mumford & Sons, but not only is he a far more authentic proposition, he also has them well covered in the singing and songwriting stakes. Tender Is The Night is one for the test of time.


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