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Big Splash Heat #6 Winner – Old Blood

Old Blood
Old Blood

Answered by Tony Papa-Adams (vocals).

How did you feel about your set last Tuesday night?

The boys and I were pumped for the show we had been jamming all day and couldn’t wait to get out there. We all felt like we had played well but were by no means confident about the result after watching Kid XL, Sam Wylde and Sprawl kill it.

What acts caught your ear/eye?

Sprawl caught our attention; they were loud and in your face in a good way but for me, personally, I really loved Kid XL.

Who else in the Big Splash heats are you keen to get a look at?

We all want to see Pat Chow play we have heard so many good things about them so I’m exited about that. Also we wanted to see Hideous Sun Demon and Eloise Ashton again, we have seen them both before and they are both amazing acts.

What are your plans, at this stage, for the rest of 2014?

Plans at this stage are to keep jamming and writing new tunes. We have some decent shows lined up for later this year like the Bridgetown Blues Fest so we’re excited to play that again, and if we can squeeze out a cheeky EP along the way that’s a bonus too.

The Big Splash continues with Heat #7 at The Odd Fellow this Tuesday, July 15, withBears & Dolls, Girl Heroin, Hideous Sun Demon and Mind Canary. Tickets are $5 at the door from 8pm.


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