Blacked Out

Epitaph Records


Amongst the brutality and uncertainty surrounding Epitaph Record releases, six-piece band Now And On Earth have debuted a blistering and fresh approach to the post-hardcore genre.

Despite expected heavy verses and clean choruses, the Quebec group harness layering and a raspier vocal tone rather then a high-pitched contrast to produce 12 unique tracks. Intoxicated kicks off the album with drummer Phil Beauchamp’s incredible double-kicking abilities and the smooth background of Phillipe Ferguson’s synth fills masking brutal chugs and gritty vocals. Second track, Majesty, is the album’s catchiest offering with an infectious clean chorus and a simple-yet-effective use of piano keys within. Each track on Blacked Out flows kindly into each other however Overtime highlights a completely new side of the band, bringing in elements of Crossfaith to generate a synth heavy, radio track full of harmonies and dance beats for what should be an energetic live track.

Following tracks Now Way Out and Blacked Out continue the effective use of harmonies within their choruses to relax heavier verses, however it is the highs and lows of Your Number Is Up that conclude the album in style.