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Nostalgia Box is a vintage gaming museum that breathes new life into decades of video games and the rich culture that surrounds them. For Open House Perth 2018, they’re opening their doors on Aberdeen Street for the public to get a special insight into their vast collection of historical games and consoles. Visitors can reunite with some old two dimensional friends or even make some new ones in a special fun and interactive learning experience. We got a taste of just what’s in store, as well as a few other tasty insights into the world of gaming culture from those who live and breathe it. 

So firstly, is there a consensus on the best decade of video games or is that too hard to resolve?

This is a tough question! It really depends on who you ask, and whether they grew up in the 70s, 80s, 90s or 00s. As for most of us at The Nostalgia Box, we have to say video games in the 80s and 90s are the best, since we’ve spent hours and hours playing them. Those games were our childhood, so naturally they’re the best in our eyes. It’s pretty hard to convince us otherwise.

And what are some of the most interesting or rarest games or gaming consoles in the store?

At the Nostalgia Box, we’ve got over 100 different video game consoles on display ranging from the 1970s all the way to the 2000s. And while there’s so many cool one-of-a-kind games and consoles we’d love to have, we still have some really interesting pieces in our collection. One of our favourites is the Telstar Arcade from 1977. It’s a triangular shaped console which sported a steering wheel for racing games, a little holster for light gun shooting games, and dial controllers for Pong. Back in the 70s, most consoles could only play one type of game or a variation of one type of game. The fact that the Telstar Arcade can play three completely different games makes its design one of a kind for its time.

Can anyone on the team claim to be the best gamer, or does that depend on what you’re playing?

I’m glad to say no one person can claim to be the best gamer on the team, each of us excels at different types of games. We do however have a high score board at the museum where we keep track of each other’s progress. We can get pretty competitive. If one of our high scores is being knocked down, by our visitors or another member of the team, you can bet that we are back on that game the next day to reclaim our spot on the scoreboard.

Are there any historical games or levels no one has ever been able to complete that continue to haunt you?

There are many games like that, especially many of the arcade games which are brutally difficult. With many of those games, even manuals and guides won’t be able to help you, meaning you just need to invest a lot of time into getting better at them. Fortunately, there’s always Youtube and Google to help us if we ever need the extra tips, or to watch the endings of games we just weren’t good enough to complete.

Are you ever been blown away by the gaming skills of anyone visiting the store, especially at something really obscure?

We’re always pleasantly surprised by the level of skill our visitors have. To acknowledge their skills we created a high score board for selected games. Unfortunately, none of those games can be considered obscure, but the gaming skills that get displayed are nonetheless still amazing. We’re always extra impressed with visitors who claim a place on our scoreboard after not playing that game for decades. Even with the passing of time, they are still able to remember how to play, get the most points, and complete the levels. It is incredible how some of these skills and memories don’t fade with time, they just get stored somewhere ready to be unleashed again one day.

What can people check out if they visit Nostalgia Box for Open House Perth?

For the uninitiated, The Nostalgia Box is an interactive Video Game Console Museum. We’re home to an impressive collection of over 100 consoles dating from console gaming’s beginnings in the 1970s to the high-tech wonders of today. Visitors may rediscover some old friends, and learn some fun facts about unexpected creations as they explore the progression of video game consoles in our museum. After taking a walk through the museum, visitors have the opportunity to replay some of the classic games like Pong, Space Invaders, Super Mario, Sonic, Crash Bandicoot and many more in the gaming area. It’s a perfect way to experience video game history and relive their childhood!

Nostalgia Box is opening its doors for Open House Perth 2018
Where: Shop 3/16 Aberdeen Street, Perth
When: Sunday, November 11, 1pm – 5pm
Learn more here.

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