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NORDEENS Tie The Fight


Tie The Fight

The Nordeens were a former staple of the Perth scene as they carried their wounds of betrayal and bloodlust onto the stage with them. Time has seen the members living in different states around the country, Distance nor time has been the enemy for The Nordeens as they release their much alluded to full length Tie The Fight.

Tie The Fight is said to be the outcome of nine conversations, between three brothers, spanning twelve years. Whilst it may have been a long time coming, Tie The Fight hasn’t been stripped of any of its emotion over the passing years. There is no doubt that there is a wealth of screaming and tears for both the artist and the listener among the duration of this full length debut.

With all members of the trio being adept at the arts of the six string, there is a serious focus on guitars throughout. The Draw is a riff loaded slice of despair that is powerful enough to raise the roof. Damn Reality has a pounding bass line that rolls in like a thick thunder storm, whilst having enough melody to keep the gloom just at arms length. The mind battles against emotion throughout as The Nordeens manage to pull themselves from the depths of hopelessness.

Paul Simon may have said there are 50 ways to leave your lover, but The Nordeens only know of one – Angry! Emo is not a dirty word.

4 1/2 STARS


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