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NOAH DILLON You Did It To Yourself gets 8.5/10

Noah Dillon
You Did It To Yourself


Noah Dillon really captures something potent and true about how heartbreak feels within this song. This feels unexpected from a guy young in age, but not young in spirit. The production is impressive, as is the songwriting. It is arguably the most catchy tune of his current set; one of those melodies that gets stuck in your head and can resurrect itself without provocation.

Broderick Madden-Scott’s recording fills out the space of the song brilliantly; his new studio Tunafish Recording Company is really going to make a big name for itself sometime soon.

Noah sings, “Well you did it to yourself but you did it to me too/ You’re not the only one with the worn out shoes” and local singer-songwriter Fraeya’s crisp background vocals fit in perfectly.

Halfway through, the song takes a beautiful pulled-back turn: “If there’s a God, I bet it looks like my mum, wearing a sun dress, she’s who I’ll become,” which is hands-down one of my favourite lines from a local track in a long while.

The guitar tracks seem to span outwards dreamily, until the instrumentation speeds up again for the punchy finish, “And if you loved me like I love you, you would’ve never done the things that you do”.

Noah’s songwriting is fresh, catchy, and genuine.

The single is being launched at The Bird this Saturday, August 25, with support from Spacey Jane, The Psychotic Reactions and Ryley.



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