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NOAH DILLON @ The Aardvark gets 8.5/10

Noah Dillon @ The Aardvark

w/ Miraud, Tanaya Harper, Nika Mo
Friday, December 21, 2018


Bringing his charismatic stage presence, rollicking instrumentation and raw lyricism, Noah Dillon and friends Nika Mo, Tanaya Harper and Miraud lit up the Aardvark for a perfect summer party to cap off 2018.

Despite having seen Nika Mo a few times now, both solo and with support, she never fails to entrance. Her expressive, wistful voice lends a real authenticity to her storytelling. From sisterhood to relationships to scarves, her songs are raw and meaningful. Add to that some creative use of loop pedals and a down-to-earth, engaging stage presence, and you have one enraptured audience. Particular standout still the same time of day managed to draw a few sniffles.

Nika Mo was effortlessly followed up by Tanaya Harper, supported by her new band. Another artist who prioritises meaning and lyricism, she intimately detailed her experience with mental health. The extra instrumentation lent even more strength to her sweet melodies and clear vocals, making single Graceless resonate through the space.

In reportedly their last performance, Miraud crashed onto the stage with a myriad of instruments and some groovy tracks. Lead singer Jack Arbuckle’s easy stage presence won the audience over and had some people shamelessly rocking out. With skilled band members from Butter, Demon Days and Izatang, the synth-pop act brought some glitter and jazz to the night. Not only danceable but also insightful, Miraud tackled masculinity, mental health and artificial intelligence, proving themselves one of Perth’s most intelligent and exciting acts.

By now surrounded by an audience of friends, family and amenable strangers, Noah Dillon capped off the night in typical rocking fashion. There’s something irresistible about an artist who is clearly passionate and enthusiastic to be present and perform. It makes listeners really connect and engage with the music, something Dillon has managed to do effortlessly every time I’ve seen him live. Crowd favourites You Did It To Yourself and Maggots invoked a massive singalong, while newer tracks like Hello Dear (a singularly devastating tune, by the way) hit their mark perfectly. With sharp, skilled guitar riffs from Sam Rocchi and excellent bass courtesy of Claudia Genovese (not to mention Jack Hill on drums) Noah Dillon knocked his set out of the park and rang in the holiday season with style. 2018 has been a massive year for him, so do yourself a favour and keep an eye out for what he’s got up his sleeve next.


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