NOAH DILLON Matthew McConaughey gets 8/10

Noah Dillon

Matthew McConaughey 
Debaser Studio


Being trapped within your house with very little social interaction and more time than usual on your hands, you may very well be wondering about how you can improve yourself, be a better person, or just someone entirely different. This is a pretty universal desire which Noah Dillon taps into with his four-minute ode to Matthew McConaughey.

Dillon has become one of the most familiar voices in Perth music over the last few years and has amassed an impressive amount of credentials which he is building on with this release. Last year he was #27 on triple j’s unearthed top played list, plus he released a well-received EP Everything Melts and toured nationally three times.

The new track Matthew McConaughey is an impressive addition to Noah Dillon’s discography. The band’s scrapping of a run-of-the-mill song structure gives the track an intense sense of chaos and absorbs the listener. The pace of the song changes with a tumultuous building up and dropping off. The haphazard pace is evocative of the rawness one feels within relationships as they question their own value.

Noah Dillon’s distinctive vocals open the song, as he brings his voice up to the constraints of his range and contains it with a natural ease. His relaxed tonal value brings an intimacy to the lyrics, which describes a desperate scramble for identity and a need to live up to an idea of a perfect masculine role model, particularly within relationships.

Dillon hasn’t done it alone though. The genius of this song is also owed to Claudia Genovese on bass, Jack Hill on drums and Sam Rocchi on guitar plus producer Andy Lawson from Debaser Studio. Additionally, the accompanying video clip from local videographer Daniel Hilderbrand is a Kristofski (and McConaughey) inspired gem.

Weren’t gonna listen to it? It’d be a lot cooler if you did.