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Nina Las Vegas


triple j House Party host, Nina Las Vegas, stops by Metropolis Fremantle this Friday, December 13, along with the Bluejuice DJs and Death Disco. BOB GORDON has a quick chat.

Nina Las Vegas is looking forward to the festive season. She got a whole lot on her schedule.

A whole lotta nothing, to be precise.

“I’m having time off,” she says, happily. “I usually don’t do Christmas and I haven’t done New Year’s Eve for a couple of years now. I really like it, just to relax and not do anything and spend time with my friends and family. I work 24/7, so yeah, it’s kinda cool.”

Indeed, the triple host/DJ has had a busy year. No wonder some time off is due.

“The House Party tour is always a buzz,” she says, looking back at her 2013 highlights. “It’s always really fun and the album went #1 so that was pretty rad. Playing the ARIAs was awesome and being able to present was a pretty wild coup. They’re pretty big things (laughs). It was a crazy year.”

The year ahead looks equally busy for Nina, who has been busy in the studio creating her own tunes.

“I’ve been writing and writing and writing,” she enthuses. “Basically, I want to play it out, so it’s very club-based. I don’t know yet if it will be trappy, but I like heavier bass stuff. A release is on the cards, but I just have to get to where I’m happy with it first. It’s early stages yet.”

Nina Las Vegas plays Metropolis Fremantle this Friday, December 13.

Get your tickets here.

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