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Nina Las Vegas


Not only is she a well-known radio ambassador, producer and DJ, Nina Las Vegas is unquestionably one of our finest proponents of forward thinking music. And as testament to her success, she is everything a performer should be – driven, talented, determined and selfless. From the community work she’s done to her ability to seemingly blur her musical output across genres, the lady stands in good stead for the next phase of her career. RK talks to one of Australia’s favourite daughter ahead of her gig at Circo, Saturday, June 28 at Claremont Showgrounds. 

Just back from a three-month stint overseas, Nina has a new perspective on things and is feeling recharged and committed to taking things to the next level. “A whole lot has changed in the time I’ve been away,” she says. “I’ve backed down from house music in some ways and I’m showcasing what I like more. I think it’s a really exciting time for dance music right now too. It’s a big wide world out there and it’s a positive thing to be listening to a lot of different stuff, important even.”

Indeed, whether it’s house, progressive or something more urban, Nina has the wherewithal to present her wares in a splendid fashion – music layered amongst a sea of groove and rhythm. And with her involvement with triple j, her name continues to remain up in lights for all the right reasons. Her mixes and updated web page are sure to excite, so be sure to check them out.

She adds this: “I’m always wanting to keep the mixes exclusive and to use them to showcase different movements. I think it’s important to be showcasing in other directions musically too – as I said, it feels like a really exciting time in music and it’s great to be a part of it.”

In other news, Nina says she attended the Coachella Festival in the United States – an event where she describes everyone as ‘super lovely’ and ‘without pretension’. “For such a massive festival, everyone is just so friendly and wanting to have a good time. The festival itself is massive. Skrillex is in this massive spaceship and it’s just on! It’s amazing just how much energy goes into the show. It’s huge over there.”

Likewise, she describes the scene in the UK as one that is burgeoning. The almost ubiquitous sounds of house and techno flood the scene and very few DJs stick with one sound or style. “The whole scene overseas is different. It’s amazing how it evolves; just when you think things have settled they change up again. It’s pretty remarkable.”

Finally, Nina describes how pumped she is to be hosting a stage at the upcoming Circo Festival in Perth. “It’s a great festival in a lot of ways and there are acts pushing new and different sounds so I’m really looking forward to being a part of it,” she chimes. And perhaps in jest, adds: “at the festival, I will be showcasing the new clothes I bought and a new hair colour I’m sporting – but really, I’m very excited. I have a lot of new music. I look forward to seeing the people there!”


Nina Las Vegas plays Circo, Saturday, June 28 at Claremont Showgrounds. 

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